• Related to Joining of the Child

    After the completion of the admission process, you will be given a joining date. During the first week, parents are required to accompany their child during the settling phase. Once the child is settled, they will be moved to their respective classroom. Upon joining, after all fees have been paid, the following items will be issued by the admission office: a school bag, an apron, and I.D. cards for both the child and their guardian. The school bag will be used daily and can be replaced at the school reception if needed. The apron will be kept at the school for the child's use. The child's I.D. card should be filled out and a passport-sized photo of the child should be attached. It must be worn daily, properly pinned to the back of the child. The guardian I.D. card must be carried by anyone picking up or dropping off the child. The child will only be released to the person presenting this I.D. card.

  • Curriculum Design

    We have developed special books designed by our creative team to help children develop their conceptual knowledge through a variety of fine motor, visual, cognitive, and aesthetic activities. Depending on the level of the class they are in, children will be given the following books:

    For Playgroup:

    Curriculum sheets, including coloring worksheets based on the theme of the month, will be provided in class and as homework. 

    In Level 1 :-

    1. My First Language Book of CLAY

    2. My First Number Book of CLAY

    3. My First Math's Book of CLAY

    4. My First Theme Book of CLAY

    5. A Sketch Book

    In Level 2 :-

    1. My Language Book of CLAY

    2. My Math's Book of CLAY

    3. A Sketch Book

  • Transportation

    At Clay Pre School, transportation is available on an optional basis. After joining, students may begin using the school transportation service after their settling phase. Transportation will be provided within two days of the transport fee being paid. It is important that transport fees are paid on time to ensure continuous service. If fees are not paid, transportation will be discontinued. We strive to provide convenient and safe transportation options for our students.

  • Fee Procedure

    We believe in fostering strong, positive relationships with our families. That's why we offer a convenient quarterly fee payment system, rather than monthly payments. To ensure that your child's education remains uninterrupted, we ask that fees be deposited at the school reception by the 7th of the first month of each quarter. If fees are not paid by this date, a fine of INR 100 per week will be applied. Payment can be made by cheque or cash, and it is important to collect a receipt after payment is made. Please do not send cash or fees with the driver or maid. Clay Pre School is not responsible for any carelessness or discrepancies that may occur as a result. Let's work together to ensure a successful and enjoyable educational experience for your child.