Welcome to our preschool

CLAY PRE-SCHOOL Pakhowal Road Branch

CLAY Preschool works with the vision to provide quality early childhood education to the tiny tots. Children are the future of our nation. Their character will build the foundation for a strong nation. So it’s essential to work on the roots and provide best of care and facilities required for the right development and growth of children. CLAY, therefore, believes in providing best of Curriculum, Infrastructure and Facilities. Faculty at CLAY is fully trained and equipped with all the Information and knowledge regarding Child Handling and care. CLAY Preschool is child Friendly and takes utmost care of all the Safety measures. CLAY is a Safe School for your child. CLAY imparts Discovery based Learning and nurture a creative and curious child who can learn by his own experience of the life and world around. Children learn by their own experiences and playful learning techniques. CLAY is a Playful world designed especially for your little world.

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