Welcome to our preschool

CLAY PRE-SCHOOL Kaithal Branch

CLAY PRESCHOOL is the most premium branch of the small town, KAITHAL. It’s the dream School of Mrs. Nisha Arora, Director of the branch. She is working with the vision of providing quality early childhood education and facilities to the children of the city of Age till 5 years. She follows the notion to the core that the most development happens in the first five years in the life of the child. So to make the most of this time, School assures the overall development and growth of every little soul who steps in the School.  CLAY provides the best Learning tools and methods to its Teachers to nurture the little minds and mould them into confident and strong entities. Every space of the School is the Learning Space full of colours most dear to children. CLAY takes utmost care of the safety parameters i.e. Child Safety and protection. It’s a beautiful garden full of colours for the little flowers ready to bloom, for the innocent butterflies ready for their first flight. 

Branch Office