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CLAY PRE-SCHOOL Stepping Stones in Academic Collaboration with CLAY

CLAY Preschool aims to provide holistic development to children through Discovery based Learning approach. It believes that Curriculum is the backbone of every educational institution. Stepping Stones Preschool at Dhariwal is now in Academic collaboration with CLAY. Stepping Stones has been given all academic and curriculum support from CLAY. School assures the overall development of children by 100% implementation of Discovery based Learning paradigms in its classrooms. Children learn by doing, through Play based Activities. Children learn through their own experiences and curiosities. School assures comfort, safety and required infrastructure facilities to children. Every space of the School is the Learning Space full of colours most dear to children.

Stepping Stones Preschool is a child friendly, safe and colourful home away from home for children. Teachers are full of Love and care for children and are trained in child care. The Director of the School works with the vision of making Stepping Stones No. 1 choice for the Parents of Dhariwal city.                 

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