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The Clay, a pre-school was born with the desire to nurture the child and lay a foundation for a learned society.

Clay School

CLAY - Pre School is a home away from home for your child. You will find that Clay is child friendly, safe, hygienic, thoughtfully designed and well equipped. We, at Clay Playway in India wish to preserve the excitement and wonder of childhood and make children experience the joy of learning. We believe in being both child friendly and education friendly and creating lifelong learners. Clay Pre School is one of its kind. It caters the needs of a premium segment of society. Clay is chain of schools in india you will see flourishing around you.

Clay is a modern pre school that provides world class education and services to its customers. The very look of Clay Playway speak volumes about its quality and services. Clay provides best of infrastructure, curriculum, finest faculty, Trained and equipped Teachers, best learning tools and latest technologies for its customers. Customer satisfaction is what the school believes in. Clay is the futuristic Pre School of India.

Clay Infrastructure

All CLAY PRE SCHOOLS are built with love. All buildings are new, modern and colorful.

We play alot of emphasis on infrastructure design as it is believed to influence student's attitude, behavior and learning

The school infrastructure is designed in a way that the children could have opportunity to learn through playing. The pre school building itself acts as a learning aid. The architecture is such that it attracts children towards the school, promotes activities and increases peer learning opportunities by making the whole campus a child friendly one. Clay is popular as best Pre School and is the only Playway in India to provide holistic development to children.

Clay School

Our Vision & Mission

Our aim is to be a global leader in the field of Early childhood Education.

Clay School

Vision of Clay:

Vision is what makes you. Vision is what keeps you going. Clay works with the vision of providing world class education and creating future leaders and global citizens for the nation. Each step it moves forward is keeping this vision alive in anything and everything.

Philosophy of Clay:

Clay provides world class facilities to the Parents who are looking for a world class experience of learning and education. It provides world class opportunities to a child that help in shaping the fertile little minds and nurture humanity and global spirit in the child.

From the Desk of the Chairperson: Mr. Shobhan Soi

Clay School

I would like to share with you the vision that founded the school and will keep it going. Our vision is to provide future leaders and global citizens to our nation. We aim at providing world class education and help shape the little minds to be future ready.

We ensure a positive, safe and secure environment for your child's growth. At this age, a child is receptive to all. We can fill him with anything and everything we want. Clay believes in providing lifelong values, building humanity, love and works on the overall development of child. We work on creating individual personality of a child.

Our Teachers are specially trained into taking care about the holistic development of child

Early childhood education aims to lay the foundation of learning in children. I believe if the pillar is strong, the building will stay long. We are everyday working to transform the Education world for the betterment of children and "Discovery based Learning" is a step forward in this direction. As Early childhood Educators, we at every step needs to understand the changing needs of children and keep on transforming the lives of little ones.

Awards and Accolades

CLAY has received a National Award for "Developmentally appropriate Curriculum Planning and Assessment" by Early Childhood Association, India. We have also received 3 National Awards at different platforms for the best work in early childhood Education.


Clay provides best of the facilities to its customers:

Cherishing Moments

Premium schools believe in giving premium facilities to their customers in terms of everything. It collects, preserves and celebrates the many happy moments in your child's life. Pictures capture the childhood period of one's life, forever. Therefore, we have created Clay's own Album designed by expert creative team. We give each child at Clay, a platform to showcase his accomplishments, moments, participation in various activities, celebrations through the medium of which a Parent can see and share their child's growth and accomplishments with their friends and relatives.


Infrastructure is designed keeping in mind child's needs. Classrooms are equipped with finest of furniture based on themes appropriate to boost up child's creative instincts. Every nook and corner of the school speaks about the qualitative approach that school so believes in. Every CLAY School is made up with Colourful Interiors to attract the imagination and curiosity of children.


Curriculum is the USP of Clay preschool. CLAY imparts Discovery based Learning to children. Our whole curriculum revolves around this ideology. Children learn from their own Curiosities and Discoveries. We, at CLAY work on the overall development of child. The curriculum is designed in such a way that it covers the five core developments of the child i.e. physical, socio- emotional, cognitive, sensory and language development. All activities are designed keeping in mind all these developments.


Transport is being provided to give relieving quotient to Parents who are running ahead of time in this challenging era. Fully air conditioned Transportation with equipped and trained drivers. Every Van has a Female Helper Staff to take care of Children. Security and safety of child is the utmost priority of Clay.


Meals are provided under proper hygienic and health measures in school itself for the clay kids. Skilled staff has been appointed for this purpose. Proper Menu has been designed by health experts on monthly basis for the kids.

Teaching Faculty

At Clay ,our Teachers are avid learners too. They receive continuous training that makes them skilled in child care. They listen, tell stories, play with the little ones, and laugh and cry with them. Here every Teacher is part friend, part mentor and all love. With a workforce of highly professional teachers, along with quality managers, academic heads and administrators, Clay provides children the opportunity to learn and grow, in an environment of love and care.

Our Teachers undergo various Trainings from time to time to develop their skills and to keep them at par with the changing times and needs. These Trainings include:

  • First Aid Training
  • Fire Safety Training
  • Curriculum Trainings on various Topics
  • Trainings on Parent- Teacher Interaction and Teacher- Child Interaction
  • Effective Classroom Management
  • Training on Safety and Security of the child
  • Safety, health and nutrition
  • Parent and teacher behavior
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Pre-school storytelling
  • Art and craft

Academic Excellence

Clay preschools have the best of the curriculum specially designed keeping into consideration present scenario and demands/needs of today's child. At Clay, we have introduced our tiny tots to our own world of curriculum filled with Discovery based activities and colourful illustrations created to make learning a fascinating and wholesome experience.

The school infrastructure is designed in a way that the children could have opportunity to learn through playing. The school building itself acts as a learning aid. The architecture is such that it attracts children towards the school, promotes activities and increases peer learning opportunities by making the whole campus a child friendly one.

Methodology and Curriculum

Our curriculum aims to develop the whole child, primarily focusing on children's physical, intellectual, emotional and social development.

The unique feature of our syllabus is that, it is innovative, thematic and skill based.

Stage Activities

To boost up the confidence quotient in kids and making them future ready to face the stage and world.

Pretend Plays and Role Plays

To give wings to their curiosity and wonder by maximum exposure to their creative quotient.


By an expert instructor to give the kids self defensive techniques as well as channelizing their physical powers.

Drawing, Coloring and Craft Work

To enhance their imaginative and creative quotient. Your child could be a star in the making, u never know.

Rhymes and Story Telling

To enhance their self expression

Nature Walks

To imbibe in them love for nature and natural setting.

Conceptual Development

Every concept that a Teacher teaches is through variety of Activities designed by expert Academicians. Excursions, Pretend Plays, Dramatizations, Exposure to Real as well as Action images, flashcards and many such sources being used to reinforce every concept to a child.

Doll House and Toy Room

This is a virtual world that helps in the social development of children. For them, dolls and Toys are merely representatives of themselves, their family members and other individuals in society. Here the child learns good manners and etiquettes in relation to self, family and society.

Intellectual Development Tools

Puzzle solving, building towers and other ID tools being used for this core development in the child. There is one to one session with Teacher who helps the child do puzzles, build blocks, learn from flashcards, use tools like hammer sets etc.

Clay Moulding and Clay Activities

To work on their fine motor skills.

Dancing skill enhancement

By expert choreographers to polish their inners skills and talents.

Fine Motor Activities

Like Beading, Tearing, pasting, Stamping, finger printing, Fist printing, Hand printing, Cotton dabbing, objects pasting , Lace tying, buttoning and many more to enhance their fine motor skills.

Sensory Development

Activities that will enhance their sensory Skills like Playing with magnifying glass, Sound boxes, clay and many more conceptual activities like Identification , Matching, Sorting etc that help their senses to grow.

Gross Motor Activities

Like Running, Jumping , Beam balancing, Ladder climbing, Hopping, hopscotch, Hoopla play, Doll House Play, sliding, Sports and many more to enhance their Gross motor movements.

Free Play

In the early years, no lesson is more important for a child than just learning to enjoy learning. Giving the space to a child to blossom is equally essential. Free play is one such medium through which a child learns to be fully expressed.

Ball Pool Play

Ball pool zone is one another medium to give wings to their free energies to flow.

Smart Class

Cinemas at times could be more real and exciting than reality, which is why we use a Smart class with full screen images to impart conceptual knowledge in an exciting manner.

Sports and Music- an integral part of Curriculum

At CLAY, children not only get "Learning through Play" but also given ample of opportunities and tools to develop an interest in Sports and Music. Hence, Sports and Music are an integral part of their Curriculum.

Our Team

We are a great team in the field of Education. Realizing the need for Premium and Elite Preschool in the country, a team with an experience of 4 decades initiated CLAY. Among our team members are Educationists, Child Psychologists, and Experienced Early Childhood Education Experts, Parenting Experts and a big chunk of creative and Loving Teachers. So, many professionals work religiously in planning a scientific curriculum, designing innovative, more effective teaching methods, exploring and creating new and better teaching aids.

Everything you wanted to know about Clay

There are certain Guidlines for you that will help you in understanding the school and its processes in a much better way.


After the completion of admission process, joining date will be given. For the first week Parents need to accompany the child in the settling phase. Then the child will be shifted to the respective classroom once he got settled.At the time of joining, after full clearance of dues, following particulars will be issued by the Admission office.

  • School bag will be issued within two days of joining of the child that he/she will carry along on daily basis. In case of any wear and tear of bag, Parents need to get another one issued from school reception.
  • An apron will be issued that will be kept in school for child's use.
  • Children I-cards will be issued that you need to fill up with the particulars given and a passport size photograph of the child to be attached. This I- card need to be worn by the children on daily basis properly pinned at the back of the child.
  • Guardian I-cards will be issued to the Parents for the pick and drop of child. Whosoever will come to pick or drop the child needs to carry that I-card along. Only than a child will be handed over to them.

Special Books has been designed by the Creative Team that helps in developing the Conceptual Knowledge in children through variety of Fine Motor, Visual, Cognitive and Aesthetic ways. Following Books will be issued to the child as per the level of Class he/she will be in :-

In Playgroup

Curriculum Sheets will be provided to the child in class as well as Homework that includes only Colouring Worksheets as per the theme of the month.

In Pre Nursery

  • My First Language Book of CLAY
  • My First Number Book of CLAY
  • My First Maths Book of CLAY
  • My First Theme Book of CLAY
  • A Sketch Book

In Nursery

  • My Language Book of CLAY
  • My Maths Book of CLAY
  • A Sketch Book

Transportation will be provided by school on an optional basis. After the joining of the child, he can avail the school Transport after a week of the settling phase of child. Transport will be provided within two days of depositing the Transport fee. For the kids availing school transport, dues need to be cleared well on time otherwise transport will be discontinued without fail.

Fee will be taken quarterly and not on monthly basis. It needs to be deposited at school reception by 7th of first month of every quarter. Failing this fine will be charged 100 Rs per week after 7th. We look forward for a healthy bond and association in all spheres. Fee can be paid by cheque or cash. Do collect the fee receipts after the payment. Do not send fee or any cash in hands of driver or maid. School will not be answerable for any carelessness or discrepancy occurring due to it.


Parenting is one of the most interesting and rewarding experience of our life. So we need to spend considerable time preparing to bring our children into the world.

Parenting is the way you nurture your child. It's the experience that can be gained only while raising your own children. Parenting needs are different at different times. The way you deal with your child when he/she was 2 years old, you cannot deal your child the same way when he/she turns 6. It's importnat to understand the needs of children at the different levels of their growth and need to be flexible enough to fulfill those needs.

We at CLAY, provide Expertise assistance from time to time to our Parents and in general on lots of Parenting issues, Child's behavioural problems and Parenting Techniques to raise the child well in these testing Times where there are lot of Influencing behaviours to manage and refrain our child from.

Admission criteria

Play Group

From 1 yr 6 months to 2 years


2 yrs to 2 yrs 6 months


2 yrs 6 months to 3 yrs 6 months


3 yrs 6 months to 4 yrs 6 months

Day Care

2 yrs to 8 yrs

Fun Club

2 yrs to 8 yrs

Yearly Events

Clay believes in celebrating every day of life. Moving with this thought, the School would like to give a glimpse of the celebrations and events we have throughout the year.

Celebrating Festivals

Every month, one or the other Festival has been celebrated. Lohri, Holi, Rakhi, Janamashtmi, Gurupurab, Dussehra and Diwali, Christmas all festivals has been celebrated with great vigor and enthusiasm. Children come dressed up and the importnace of every festivity has been shared with them.

Celebrating relationships

Mother's Day, Father's Day, Friendship Day are being celebrated to promote and encourage family values and love for family amongst the kids.

School Picnic

Children go on Picnic with School two times in a year. Such excursions give an exposure to kids and help them create a bond with their peer groups as well as Teachers.


Children's visits are planned time to time to give them an exposure to their social and physical surroundings. They even go on excursions to get educational and learning values.

Sports Day and Annual Function

In addition to all these, School has its Annual Sports Day and Annual Function. To promote child's inner talents in terms of Dance, Sports, Stage acts and to celebrate the bond of Parents and School, we organize these events. Parents feel proud to see the year long learnings and achievements of their child and celebrate with us.

Farewell Party

Last but not the least at the session end, finally a time comes when our sweetheart kids need to part away from us to step into a new world of formal education. We like to celebrate this new phase with cheering smiles and hiding tears in form of a fun filled Party.


Heading with the vision to provide overall development that creates world class leaders with a global vision, CLAY is planning to expand across the globe through Franchising.

Why Franchise with CLAY?

  • CLAY is promoted by four decade old Management having extensive experience in Education domain.
  • CLAY's appropriately designed and well researched curriculum and unique methodology makes learning Fun.
  • CLAY's management will conduct excellent training programs for Teachers and Support Staff.
  • CLAY is a moderate investment opportunity offering attractive returns on investment.
  • CLAY has a dedicated team to guide franchisees on Academic, Operational and Marketing aspects.

Preferred Franchisee Profile

  • Existing owners of Preschools
  • Women Enterpreneurs with significant financial backing.
  • Professors/ Teachers of leading Schools willing to open their School
  • Conversation Franchisee with a strategic location
  • Investor driven Professionals

Extensive Support System

  • Intial Setup Support
  • Operations Trainings
  • Curriculum Training and Support
  • Marketing Support
  • Advertising and Promotional Support

Contact Details

Any Queries?

  • Head Office

  • Clay Pre School
  • Office Address: 100, New Lajpat Nagar,
    Pakhowal Road, Ludhiana.
  • Office: +91-9814211132
  • Email: info@theclay.in