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CLAY PRE-SCHOOL Chandigarh Road Branch

CLAY Preschool is built with the vision of nurturing values of Love and Empathy in children. Every child in the School is being seen as a Future Leader of our nation. First 5 years of a child’s life is most formative years. It forms the character and personality of a child and lays a foundation for an enriched future. So, CLAY gives the best of everything - Experiences, Learning, Curriculum, Beliefs, Values and Facilities to its children. Teachers at CLAY are fully equipped with Trainings like First Aid Training, Fire Aid Training, Child Handling, Child Care etc. Love is the language of Teachers at CLAY. Best Practices have been followed in terms of Safety and Security of the children. CLAY is built with Child Friendly Infrastructure and Colorful surroundings conducive to child’s imagination.

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