Our Activities

Our More Enjoyable Activities


Stage Activities

To boost up the confidence quotient in kids and making them future ready to face the stage and world.



By an expert instructor to give the kids self defensive techniques as well as channelizing their physical powers.


Rhymes and Story Telling

To enhance their self expression.


Conceptual Development

Every concept that a Teacher teaches is through variety of Activities designed by expert Academicians. Excursions, Pretend Plays, Dramatizations, Exposure to Real as well as Action images, flashcards and many such sources being used to reinforce every concept to a child.


Intellectual Development Tools

Puzzle solving, building towers and other ID tools being used for this core development in the child. There is one to one session with Teacher who helps the child do puzzles, build blocks, learn from flashcards, use tools like hammer sets etc.


Fine Motor Activities

Like Beading, Tearing, pasting, Stamping, finger printing, Fist printing, Hand printing, Cotton dabbing, objects pasting , Lace tying, buttoning and many more to enhance their fine motor skills.


Gross Motor Activities

Like Running, Jumping , Beam balancing, Ladder climbing, Hopping, hopscotch, Hoopla play, Doll House Play, sliding, Sports and many more to enhance their Gross motor movements.


Ball Pool Play

Ball pool zone is one another medium to give wings to their free energies to flow.


Sports and Music- an integral part of Curriculum

At CLAY, children not only get "Learning through Play" but also given ample of opportunities and tools to develop an interest in Sports and Music. Hence, Sports and Music are an integral part of their Curriculum.


Pretend Plays and Role Plays

To give wings to their curiosity and wonder by maximum exposure to their creative quotient.


Drawing, Coloring and Craft Work

To enhance their imaginative and creative quotient. Your child could be a star in the making, u never know.


Nature Walks

To imbibe in them love for nature and natural setting.


Doll House and Toy Room

This is a virtual world that helps in the social development of children. For them, dolls and Toys are merely representatives of themselves, their family members and other individuals in society. Here the child learns good manners and etiquettes in relation to self, family and society.


To work on their fine motor skills.

To work on their fine motor skills.


Dancing skill enhancement

By expert choreographers to polish their inners skills and talents.


Sensory Development

Activities that will enhance their sensory Skills like Playing with magnifying glass, Sound boxes, clay and many more conceptual activities like Identification , Matching, Sorting etc that help their senses to grow.


Free Play

In the early years, no lesson is more important for a child than just learning to enjoy learning. Giving the space to a child to blossom is equally essential. Free play is one such medium through which a child learns to be fully expressed.


Smart Class

Cinemas at times could be more real and exciting than reality, which is why we use a Smart class with full screen images to impart conceptual knowledge in an exciting manner.